Top 5 island getaways

No man is an island, but sometimes it sure is nice to be on one. But there's no need to fly to Fiji or move to the Maldives; there are plenty of great island getaways here in the States.

5) Nantucket Island, Massachusetts: It may the source of many a nice (or naughty) limerick, but Nantucket is also home to beautiful beaches, charming lighthouses and a rich maritime history.

4) Grand Isle, Louisiana: For a more sultry experience (temperature wise, at least), the warm Gulf waters around Grand Isle are perfect for swimming and fishing year-round. Rumor has it that pirate Jean Lafitte hung out near this island, so keep an eye peeled for buried treasure.

3) Sanibel Island, Gulf Coast, Florida: Off the coast of Florida, you'll find many islands, but perhaps only one that can boast of more than 250 types of seashells that get washed ashore here by the Gulf Stream. If collecting sand dollars isn't your thing, there's always boating, fishing, snorkeling, scuba, bird watching and much more.

2) Hilton Head Island, South Carolina: Hilton Head may be small (12 miles by 5 miles), but it's packed to the gills with all kinds of entertainment and activities. Rough it by kayaking through a wild refuge, then hit it in the rough at one of the world-class golf courses. It's also known as a top family-friendly getaway, so don't leave the little ones at home.

1) Oahu, Hawaii: Over on the other side of the U.S. lies this top island getaway. Unwind on pristine beaches or catch some heavy waves on the North Shore. Oahu has a mix of natural beauty, history and modern attractions that will make it hard for any visitor to say "aloha" to this island.