Utah investigates list that says 1,300 are illegal immigrants

Liz Goodwin
July 14, 2010

The immigration debate has taken a very ugly turn in Utah.

An anonymous group calling itself Concerned Citizens for the United States has distributed a detailed list of 1,300 people to Utah police, federal authorities, political leaders and local press outlets. The group claims the names on the list all belong to illegal immigrants and demands that deportation proceedings for them start immediately, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

The list discloses private information like Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and phone numbers. More than 200 children are on the list. According to local NBC affiliate KSL, the letter says six of the women are pregnant and should be deported quickly. "DO YOUR JOB AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES! WE DEMAND ACTION," the cover letter says.

Republican Gov. Gary Herbert said Tuesday that he wants to find out if any state agencies had a hand in compiling the list. He has ordered them to review computer records to determine whether a breach in security occurred. It's a misdemeanor in Utah to disclose private government data.

KSL contacted several people on the list, who said that they were in the country legally and that they were scared and outraged to see their names circulate publicly on a list demanding their deportation.