An upclose (too close?) look at a Fukushima nuclear reactor

Mike Krumboltz

Buckle up, kids. BoingBoing has posted an amazing video that was shot inside a failed Fukushima nuclear reactor.

The video, you will not be surprised to learn, was shot via remote control. Not even the most dedicated cinematographer would volunteer for this gig--the reactor was significantly damaged in the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan in April of last year. The three Fukushima reactors that were operational all experienced full meltdown. The video was shot by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in reactor number 2, and showed the level of coolant water is lower than experts expected.

The Japan Times says that while the video will help experts learn the amount of internal damage at the plant, it is "unlikely to help Tepco to determine the state of the melted nuclear fuel, much of which is believed to have burned down to the bottom of the containment vessels."

As the Japan Times puts it, "Obtaining a clearer picture inside the containment vessels of the three crippled reactors is critically important, as the vessels are the last line of defense containing their melted nuclear fuel."

You can watch the clip below: