U.S. Chamber of Commerce says Glenn Beck’s appeal crashed servers

Michael Calderone

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says it received an "outpouring of support" that crashed its servers Thursday morning after conservative host Glenn Beck pledged $10,000 on the air to the organization and urged his listeners to donate what they can afford.

"Let's break all records," Beck said. "Let's show these people that we actually believe in something different from what Barack Obama and Joe Biden are saying, that we don't think the Chamber of Commerce is all of a sudden some KGB agent."

The Obama administration has recently questioned funding sources for the Chamber of Commerce, a business lobbying group that is spending tens of millions of dollars on advocacy ads critical of Democratic policies and candidates. ThinkProgress, a liberal blog run by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, has alleged that foreign funding is paying for political ads.

You can listen to Beck's on-air appeal below, via Media Matters:

So how effective was Beck?

"We don't discuss membership or contributions but I can say that there was an outpouring of support today," Tita Freeman, the chamber's vice president of communications, said in a statement. "So much so that the Chamber's server crashed this morning. I think this is a sign of support for the Chamber's pro-business policies and our continued focus on one issue: job creation."

Beck isn't the only person affiliated with Fox News to help out the chamber this election cycle. Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox parent News Corp., donated $1 million over the summer.