Stephen Colbert to testify before Congress. Seriously.

Holly Bailey

In perhaps the strangest news to come out of Washington on Wednesday, Stephen Colbert will reportedly testify before Congress on Friday, but what he'll say is something of a mystery.

As first reported by the Daily Caller's Jonathan Strong, Colbert is scheduled to appear before a House Judiciary Committee subcommittee, which is scheduled to hold a hearing on immigration titled "Protecting America's Harvest." But there seems to be some dispute over whether Colbert's appearance will be serious or a joke.

An unnamed Republican source tells Strong that Colbert is set to testify "in character" as the Bill O'Reilly-mocking newscaster he portrays on "The Colbert Report." But a spokeswoman for the committee insisted that Colbert's appearance will "not be a TV stunt." Colbert is also scheduled to host a mock rally in Washington on Oct. 30, called "The March to Keep Fear Alive."

As the Daily Caller explains, Colbert was apparently invited to testify by the subcommittee's chairwoman, California Democrat Zoe Lofgren. The two met after participating in a United Farm Workers program called Take Our Jobs, which allowed people to spend a day in the fields as a farmworker to highlight the plight of illegal immigrants working in the country.

It's expected (though not yet confirmed) that Colbert will talk about his experience — though some Republicans are already accusing Democrats of trying to make a joke of the hearings. "Seriously, the Dems have called him as an expert witness," Utah GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz said in a message on Twitter. "What a joke. All the serious issues, and we have Colbert as an 'expert.'"

(Photo of Colbert: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)