Simmons resumes campaigning in CT Senate race

Holly Bailey
July 21, 2010

It’s official: Rob Simmons is back in Connecticut’s GOP Senate primary — not that he ever really left.

Two months ago, the former GOP congressman announced that he would stop campaigning after his opponent, Linda McMahon, narrowly won the endorsement of the state Republican party. But Simmons pointedly wouldn’t remove his name from the ballot and has hinted repeatedly ever since that he might resume his campaign.

Today, Simmons announced he would spend the bulk of his remaining campaign cash on a TV ad bluntly reminding voters he’s still on the Aug. 10 GOP primary ballot.

“It’s important to vote with your heart and your head,” Simmons says in the ad, according to a transcript obtained by Ted Mann at the local Connecticut newspaper The Day. “In the Republican primary on Aug. 10, you do have a choice. I’m Rob Simmons, I’m still on the ballot, and I approve this message.”

In a statement, Simmons makes no mention of McMahon and says he’s reconsidered his options because he’s worried about the direction of the country. “I also feel it’s important for people to know that I am still on the ballot and to provide my fellow Republicans with a choice,” Simmons said.

Ed Patru, a spokesman for McMahon, mocked Simmons' prognosticating in the race as "strange and erratic." "[It's] a little like trying to keep up with an Abbott and Costell0 routine," he said.