Seaweed toast can help you eat less: Study

Mike Krumboltz

Enjoy a nice piece of seaweed toast in the morning? Today is your lucky day, weirdo! A new study has found that eating a slice of toast enriched with seaweed could help burn more calories than 30 minutes spent on the treadmill.

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During tests conducted at Sheffield Hallam University near South Yorkshire, England, nearly 80% of overweight men who ate a scrambled egg on seaweed toast said they felt so full that they consumed, on average, 179 calories less each day than men who ate regular toast.

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According to an article from The Telegraph, none of the men tested could tell the difference between the toasts. The men who ate the seaweed kind reported they felt more full due to a particular agent in the seaweed that acts as a "bulking agent." It gives the stomach a feeling of fullness.