Republican casts Pelosi as Wicked Witch in Oz-inspired ad

Holly Bailey

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have the safest Democratic seat in the country, representing most of the notoriously liberal city of San Francisco. But every two years, there's at least one Republican who tries to challenge her influence.

This year, that challenge falls to John Dennis, a self-described entrepreneur from San Francisco. Polling in the race is virtually nonexistent, but it's safe to say Dennis has a tough fight on his hands, as Pelosi has handily won re-election in recent years with at least 80 percent of the vote.

Still, like other underdog candidates we've seen so far this election cycle, Dennis is hoping to get some buzz via an outlandish attack ad. His recently released spot features  an over-the-top "Wizard of Oz" theme, casting Pelosi as the Wicked Witch of the West. And of course Dennis is shown subduing her by, yes, melting her with a bucket of water.

You can watch the spot after the jump:

(Photo of Pelosi by Alex Wong/Getty Images)