PARTING SHOTS: This is why you should never travel with a crocodile

Brett Michael Dykes

Here is our roster of stories that managed to evade full-on blog treatment:

• A passenger smuggled a crocodile onto a commercial flight in the Congo — the crocodile got loose, causing the plane's passengers to storm the cockpit in fear, and the plane crashed. The crocodile, and one passenger, were the only survivors. (NPR)

• A shark attack near Santa Barbara has resulted in the death of a 20-year-old man. (CNN)

• Citizens Against Government Waste would like to help you imagine a future in which the United States has been taken over by the Chinese. (Daily Intel/New York)

• Meg Whitman's son, Griffith Harsh, was accused of rape while he was a student at Princeton. (Gawker)

• Sharron Angle has apparently found a new way to deal with reporters asking unwanted questions: shushing them. (Washington Post)

• The feds opened up another 7,000 square miles of the Gulf for fishing, meaning that 96 percent of Gulf waters now permit fishing operations. (Times-Picayune)

• After a Ugandan newspaper outed a number of gay men and called for them to be hanged, several have already been attacked. (BBC)

• In case you've ever wanted to see President Obama sign an iPad, your chance has arrived. (TechCrunch)