PARTING SHOTS: Senators pied, servicemembers discharged

Liz Goodwin

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid contradicts President Obama on the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero, says it should be built "someplace else." (AP)

A new study finds minorities and women were disproportionately represented among the 428 military service members who were discharged for being gay in 2009,. (The Washington Post)

Sen. Carl Levin (D-Michigan) was hit in the face with a pie by an anti-war protester who came to the senator's town hall. (Detroit Free Press)

A new poll shows that 59 percent of Americans want comprehensive immigration reform. (Politico)

Only one person died when a jet carrying 130 people crashed and broke into three pieces after being struck by lightning. (AP)

The Taliban stoned to death a young couple for adultery in northern Afghanistan. (Telegraph)