PARTING SHOTS: Prisons helped draft AZ immigration law, Joe Miller in dead last

Liz Goodwin

Here is our roster of stories that managed to evade full-on blog treatment:

• The death toll in Indonesia from the volcanic eruption and tsunami this week has topped 400. (AP)

• Tea party favorite and Alaska Senate GOP nominee Joe Miller is in third place in the latest poll. (Politico)

• The United States is educating too many lawyers, and law students aren't happy about it. (Slate)

• The private prison industry helped draft Arizona's anti-illegal-immigration law and then donated to 30 of its co-sponsors. (NPR)

• Frank Caprio, the Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial hopeful who told President Obama to "shove it" is losing ground in the polls. (AP)

• An overwhelming majority of Americans want disclosure and limits to how much outside corporations and groups can spend on campaigns. (NYT)