PARTING SHOTS: Jet Blue flight attendant wants to keep his job

Liz Goodwin
August 12, 2010

•  So much for quitting in style. Newly crowned folk hero Steven Slater  says he wants to be a flight attendant again at Jet Blue, according to his lawyer. (New York Post)

• President Obama has deported a record number of people from the United States. (Christian Science Monitor)

• The number of people applying for jobless benefits has reached a six-month high. (Associated Press)

• New Hampshire lawmaker resigns after he joked about a "dead Palin" on Facebook. (Associated Press)

• BP will pay a record $50 million fine for safety violations at a refinery in Texas City. (Houston Chronicle)

• The proposed mosque two blocks from ground zero will be the country's first certified "green" mosque. (The Daily Beast)

• After deliberating for 12 days, the jury deciding the fate of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has only agreed on two of 24 counts. (Chicago Tribune)

Photo: AP