PARTING SHOTS: DOJ sues Arizona sheriff

Liz Goodwin

Here's our daily roster of stories that evaded full-on blog treatment:

• The Department of Justice is suing Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for refusing to cooperate with its civil rights probe into his policing strategies. (Arizona Republic)

• Political scientist Larry Sabato predicts the GOP will take the House in November by picking up 47 seats. (Center for Politics)

• President Obama's economic team is mulling a new, smaller stimulus package that would focus on tax cuts for businesses. (Washington Post)

The burning oil platform off the coast of Louisiana was finally extinguished Thursday after burning for six hours. (Wall Street Journal)

• More Democrats are joining Republicans in opposing plans to let tax cuts for the rich expire in January. (AP)

• People who lost their jobs in the recession and have since found new ones are more likely than others to say they're overqualified for their current positions. (Washington Post)

• Governor candidates in 20 states are endorsing Arizona-style anti-illegal-immigration laws. (Politico)