PARTING SHOTS: Arizona tea party now fighting ‘trashcare’

Brett Michael Dykes
National Affairs Reporter
The Upshot

Here's today's list of stories that managed to evade full-on blog treatment:

• Arizona tea party members are fighting changes in their local trash collection, labeling it "trashcare," a spinoff of the term "Obamacare." (AZ Central)

• Doing what people who eventually run for president do, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint — a behind-the-scenes mover in the tea party's success — is writing a memoir of the past two years in American politics. (Political Wire)

• Climate scientists are mobilizing to fight back against the anti-climate-change attacks from the right. (Grist)

• In an attempt to further reduce the Democrats' majority in the Senate, the GOP is trying to woo newly elected West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin into changing parties. (Fox News)

• Indonesian Muslims protest President Obama's visit, claiming he's waging war against their faith. (CNN)

• New this week on Facebook: The Queen of England. (The Washington Post)