PARTING SHOTS: American women not as flirty as they’re cracked up to be

Brett Michael Dykes

Here is our roster of stories that managed to evade the full-on blog treatment:

• Out of all the world's females, American women are among the least likely to flirt. (Badoo)

• A 24-year-old Florida kindergarten teacher has been accused of running a drug-trafficking and counterfeiting operation. (Orlando Sentinel)

• For all the antagonism between Hollywood and the American right, conservatives produce some of television's biggest hits. (Hollywood Reporter)

• A candidate to chair the House Energy Committee believes that God promised in the Bible that the Earth would never suffer any damage from climate change. (Gawker)

• Former President George W. Bush is denying the reports that he would have been willing to endorse Obama in 2008 if he'd been asked to. (Politico)

• Tea party activists may soon be able to obtain personalized license plates in Virginia. (Politico)

• Disgraced former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford may run for office again. (Daily Intel)

• Pop star Pink is in the family way. (US Weekly)