Obama shoots hoops with Clooney and Maguire

Mike Krumboltz

President Obama shot some hoops with a couple of superheroes on Friday.

After a Hollywood fundraiser during which the president brought in around $15 million, Obama shot the roundball with George Clooney and Tobey Maguire at a recreation center in Los Angeles.

George Clooney and President Obama (Reuters)
George Clooney and President Obama (Reuters)

Clooney, for those of you who have scrubbed the memory from your brain, played Batman in 1997's cinematic disaster "Batman and Robin." Maguire played web slinger Spider-Man in three films.

Obama took a good-natured swipe at Clooney. "I want to thank Clooney for letting us use his basketball court. This guy has been talking smack about his basketball game ever since I've known him." No word on who won.

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