Michelle Obama: undercover shopper

Mike Krumboltz

That tall woman with a hat and sunglasses standing next to you at the DMV? It could be Michelle Obama.

OK, so the odds are pretty slim, but the first lady did admit that she likes to sneak out and do regular things as much as possible.

She told Al Roker of the "Today" show that she recently went to Petco to buy food for the first dog, Bo. Nobody recognized her until she showed the cashier her credit card.

Mrs. Obama told Roker, "The cashier asked me, 'Oh, what kind of dog is that?' I said, 'A Portuguese water dog.' He didn't recognize us because he didn't expect that we would be in Petco." She continued, "They're looking right through you. They don't know it's me."

This isn't the first time the first lady has shopped on the sly. She made waves earlier this year when she was spotted shopping at Target. In her talk with Roker, she also referenced a few other places she may have visited. "They don't expect to see me at Starbucks or at Chipotle," she said.

The trips, she says, help her and her two daughters maintain a sense of normalcy. You can check out a clip from her discussion with Roker in the video above.