Meet Bogdan: magnetic or just sticky?

Mike Krumboltz

He's too young to be a chick magnet, but a 7-year-old Serbian boy named Bogdan does have an undeniable ability to attract things. Bogdan and his family claim that his body is magnetic, and that small objects throughout the house stick to him. Spoons, remote controls, even plates--none can resist Bogdan's bod.

There are those who have strong doubts as to whether Bogdan is actually magnetic. A buzzy article from LiveScience postulates that Bogdan is probably just "sticky." Either that, or he may be leaning back slightly.

In the LiveScience piece, Benjamin Radford, editor of the magazine Skeptical Inquirer, notes that if he was magnetic, plates and glass wouldn't stick to him. It's more likely that the objects have a "smooth surface" to stick to.

Future member of the X-Men or just an incredibly sticky kid? You can judge for yourself in the clip below.