Live webcast: Bill, Chelsea and Hillary Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative

Kwala Mandel

It has been a high-profile week for Chelsea Clinton, who launched her first Facebook page only days ago (it accumulated almost 8,000 likes in 24 hours). "Life is not a dress rehearsal," she wrote in one of her initial messages. Today, she is continuing to emerge further into the spotlight in a joint appearance with her parents, President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The William J. Clinton Foundation has helped nearly 4 million people receive lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatment; 12,000 U.S. schools build healthier learning environments; 26,000 small-business owners and smallholder farmers improve their livelihoods and communities; and reduce 2.2 million tons of greenhouse gases in major cities.

President Bill Clinton will be participating in "A Decade of Difference," a concert with performances by Lady Gaga, Usher, The Edge, and Bono that celebrates 10 years of the William J. Clinton Foundation. Watch it live only on Yahoo! on October 15.