Limbaugh calls MSNBC ‘honest’ while ripping CNN ad

Michael Calderone
Media Reporter
The Upshot

Rush Limbaugh thinks that both CNN and MSNBC are "Commie libs." That's not a big surprise coming from the country's top conservative talker.

However, Limbaugh made a distinction Wednesday between the two networks on his radio show, claiming that "the difference is that MSNBC is honest about it." (Limbaugh also described MSNBC as filled with "lunatic liberals," so it's not as if he was showering the network with praise.)

Limbaugh was riffing on CNN's new ad, which calls out MSNBC and Fox News for advocating on behalf of Democrats and Republicans, respectively.

CNN, which is behind both Fox News and MSNBC in prime-time ratings, has taken a more aggressive tone with this week's ad in an attempt to separate it from the two cable news rivals.

"The CNN ad simply states the obvious: We're the one cable news channel that doesn't advocate for one political party or the other," said Sam Feist, CNN's political director and vice president of Washington-based programming. "We cover both sides but don't favor either side. That's our mission; it's part of our DNA. And it makes us different than the other guys."