Fox host apologizes for Sherrod-Waters mixup

Rachel Rose Hartman
August 4, 2010

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren is apologizing for "a doozy of a mistake" made on her show Monday when a picture of Shirley Sherrod was used to illustrate a segment on Rep. Maxine Waters, the Huffington Post reports.

Waters, a California Democrat, has been charged by the House with ethics violations, and Sherrod was fired from the USDA for incorrectly being cast as a racist. What the two visually have in common is that they're both black women.

Van Susteren took to her blog Monday to issue an extremely effusive apology, calling the incident on her "On the Record" program "a very bad mistake and a painful one for which we are very apologetic."

"We really don't know what to say and there is nothing that you can post to make us feel better (not that we deserve to feel better!)  This mistake was bad, very bad and we are immensely sorry," Van Susteren wrote.

Watch (via Mediaite):

Though slip-ups are bound to happen on live television, this isn't the first time Fox has issued a public apology for mixing up black political figures. In 2007, a Fox host apologized after the network ran footage of Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan while discussing the ethics troubles of Democratic Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana.

Sherrod (left); Waters (right)

[More photos: Shirley Sherrod | Maxine Waters ]

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