FIRST SHOTS: Tornado in New York, gunman shot on Capitol Hill

Chris Lehmann
The Upshot

Welcome to "First Shots," a daily roundup of early-bird news and a preview of what's to come.

• One in seven Americans are now living in poverty — a 15-year high, according to Census Bureau figures. (New York Times)

• Alleged victim of  recent horrifying acid-in-the-face attack now confesses it was a self-perpetrated hoax. ( )

• Little progress seen in initial phase of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. (Washington Post)

• Five men arrested in London over alleged threat to the pope. (Yahoo/AP)

• One person killed as "tornado-like storm" sweeps through New York. (New York Daily News)

• Police shoot man who brandished gun before them on Capitol Hill early this morning. (Yahoo/AP)