FIRST SHOTS: Presidential statement against Quran burning; rats as land-mine detectors

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Upshot

Welcome to "First Shots," a daily roundup of early-bird news and a preview of what's to come.

• President Obama condemns the Florida church's planned Quran burning. (Reuters)

• A federal appeals court ruled that former prisoners of the CIA cannot sue over claims of torture in overseas prisons because such proceedings would expose sensitive security information. (New York Times)

• The cost of health care will rise under the president's reform plan, according to a new government study. (Associated Press)

• Jihadi websites brace for another bout of hacking activity on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. (Wired)

• A suicide bomber in Russia killed 15 and wounded more than 80 people this morning. (CNN)

• Mexican drug lord Edgar Valdez Villarreal is the most powerful U.S. born chieftain in Mexico's drug cartel. A former  football player, he's been dubbed "Barbie" because of his resemblance to a Ken doll. (New York Times)

• The convenience of absentee ballots doesn't mean more people are voting. (Christian Science Monitor)

• Giant African pouched rats are being trained in Africa to help detect land mines. (CNN)

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