FIRST SHOTS: President to sign small business bill, Segway owner dies in scooter accident

Rachel Rose Hartman
The Upshot

Welcome to "First Shots," a daily roundup of early-bird news and a preview of what's to come.

• The president will sign a $42 billion small business bill into law today. The measure is designed to aid small businesses and spur hiring. (CNN)

• A partial moratorium banning the building of new settlements in the West Bank ended Sunday. Construction by Israel has already resumed. (Bloomberg)

• A trial opens for the first of 12 U.S. soldiers charged with wrongdoing in Afghanistan. The soldier on trial today is charged with premeditated murder of Afghani civilians, assaulting a fellow soldier and photographing images of casualties. (Reuters)

• Federal law enforcement and national security officials are pushing to expand wiretap capabilities on the Internet, now that less communication takes place over the phone and more occurs over the Internet. (New York Times)

• Wal-Mart, the biggest public corporation in the world, is coming to Africa. (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

• With cell phones in hand, passengers captured video of what went on in the cabin during a plane's emergency landing Saturday. (ABC News)

• A partial recount has been ordered for Afghanistan's parliamentary election, pushing a final outcome even further into the future. (Reuters)

• The owner of Segway scooter company died yesterday after riding a Segway off a cliff. (BBC News)

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