FIRST SHOTS: President rallies youth vote, best religion experts don’t believe

Rachel Rose Hartman
September 28, 2010

Welcome to "First Shots," a daily roundup of early-bird news and a preview of what's to come.

• The President will rally the youth vote today in Madison, Wis.-- very much Obama territory. (Journal Sentinel)

• The Senate will vote on a measure restricting the ability of U.S. companies to move jobs overseas. Democrats are not optimistic about its chance of passage. (The Hill)

• North Korea this morning opened the largest political meeting the country has held in 30 years. The country now braces for the debut of Kim Jong-Il's son, Kim Jong Un. (Time)

• The CIA has stepped up missile strikes in Pakistan in an effort to disrupt terrorist plots. (CNN)

• Southwest Airlines is purchasing AirTran. This could be good news for small cities, but higher fares in the Northeast. What about the super-low sale fare? (Associated Press)

• "Super PACs" could greatly influence this year's election. (Washington Post)

• A shortage of a lethal injection drug has delayed multiple U.S. executions. (Daily Telegraph)

• The best experts on religion? Overall, it's atheists and agnostics, according to a new study. (Los Angeles Times)

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