FIRST SHOTS: Miners out, foreclosures still sunk

Chris Lehmann

Welcome to "First Shots," a daily roundup of early-bird news and a preview of what's to come.

• All 33 trapped Chilean miners are now safely rescued. (CNN)

• However, the wife of miner Yonni Barrios boycotted the rescue scene because his mistress turned out to welcome him. (New York Magazine)

• The U.S. helps broker the Taliban's attendance in Afghan peace talks. (New York Times)

• Banks in the middle of the foreclosure mess knew about it for months and joked about "Burger King kids" hired to do the job of processing documents. (New York Times)

• Harry Whittington, Dick Cheney's 2006 shooting victim, was hurt worse than anyone knew at the time. (Washington Post)

• India's richest man builds a $1 billion, 27-story private home in Mumbai. (U.K. Telegraph)

• Conservative issues groups are expected to spend $50 million in the 2010 campaign homestretch. (Politico)