Face transplant recipient grants first interview

Mike Krumboltz

Two years ago, Charla Nash of Stamford, Conn., was attacked by her friend's escaped chimpanzee. The attack was so ferocious that Nash's face and hands were ripped off, leaving her disfigured and blind. Amazingly, Nash survived. She then underwent a face transplant earlier this year.

Nash recently gave her first interview to Britain's Channel 5/Peacock Productions. In the interview, which is both uplifting and heartbreaking, Nash speaks of how she no longer has to worry about her disfigurement causing anyone to be scared of her.

Though Nash's face transplant was a success, the surgery to give her new hands did not work. She said that failed procedure left her "disappointed, but not upset, because you can't control what's going to happen." Still, she remains hopeful that a future surgery may yield better results.

You can watch Nash's full interview with Sky News below. Please be aware that some of the images and audio may be disturbing.