Caught in a yawn: Videos of politicians and their kids in need of some shut-eye

Claudine Zap
March 7, 2012

Without a clear front runner certain to win among the GOP field, this campaign season has been particularly tough. And during Super Tuesday's 10-state primary vote, politicians and their families were understandably weary. In fact, some have been caught catching a few ZZZs on tape. As Republican campaign strategist John Brabunder put it, "There is no resting in this campaign." We've noticed.

Super Tuesday is snooze day
He may be running for the Republican presidential nomination, but Rick Santorum is just plain old dad to this kid. Check out son Patrick's response to Santorum's long-winded Super Tuesday delivery. Standing right behind his father, in perfect view of all the cameras, Patrick was having trouble staying up past his bedtime.

Newt nods off
Newt Gingrich's win in his home state of Georgia on Super Tuesday may have given energy to his flagging campaign. But it looks like Newt could use a pick-me-up himself. The Republican candidate fell asleep -- caught on camera by ABC News -- while waiting to speak at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Tuesday. The former House speaker awoke just in time to address the audience via satellite, following the secretary of Defense. After Gingrich opened his eyes, he joked, "Listening to Leon Panetta is not a relaxing experience." He seemed pretty relaxed to us.

Joe Biden sleeps through budget speech
There was a time when the soaring rhetoric of a speech by President Barack Obama enraptured fans. These days, even his own vice president can't stay away during his addresses. Joe Biden dozed off during the president's seminal statement on the national debt in April. Thirty minutes proved too long for Biden to bear budget talk.

Rudy Giuliani's funny son
In 1994, the on-stage antics of Mayor-elect Rudy Giuliani's son caused major buzz. The seven-year-old Andrew monkeyed around onstage, yawning, making faces, saying the politician's lines along with him, and stole the thunder from the former prosecutor's inaugural address. Cute or crazy? Critics weren't sure what to think about his son's over-the-top behavior. "Saturday Night Live's" late Chris Farley even spoofed the mayor's kid.