Cable worker helps save woman from fire

Mike Krumboltz

Not everybody hates the cable company. In fact, we're pretty sure that Dawn Donjay is a huge fan. Donjay had fallen asleep in her Boston apartment when she heard screaming from somewhere outside. "Fire, fire," the voice yelled.

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The voice belonged to Henry Gallagher, a TriWire employee for Comcast Cable. Gallagher spotted the smoke and called 911. While he waited for the firefighters to show up, he went inside to see if anyone was there. The fire department arrived in a matter of seconds, but things could have been a lot worse were it not for Gallagher.

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"I love him to death," Donjay said. "If I could get him right now I'd give him a big hug and kiss, take him out to dinner. He was awesome."

The fire's cause is still under investigation.