Bus driver flees with cop hanging on to his windshield wipers

A.C. Chang
The Upshot

It may have only been a routine traffic stop on an ordinary day near Hanoibut Nguyen Manh Phan wouldn't let his man get away, as this article written in Vietnamese describes.

Second Lt. Phan was directing vehicles in front of a hospital in Ba Vi district outside Hanoi on Monday when he asked a 39-seat passenger coach to stop for inspection.

The driver refused to show his paperwork and drove off. Phan leaped onto the front as the bus reached a top speed of about 30 mph, said an officer speaking on condition of anonymity, citing official policy.

A YouTube video shows Phan standing on the front bumper of the bus, clutching the windshield wiper, as oncoming traffic whizzes by.

Police and residents gave chase. The driver, Phung Hong Phuong, pulled over after covering more than a half mile. Phuong later told police he fled because he was afraid of being fined for being on the wrong side of the road.

A Ba Vi district official was quoted as saying that an angry mob tried to beat Phuong up but was stopped by the officers.

Phuong now faces a maximum three-year prison sentence for allegedly acting against public officials. He had previously served nearly four years in prison for a fatal traffic accident, and was released in 2010.