Buffett on LeBron James: 'He’s always welcome to call me'

Willow Bay

Warren Buffett says LeBron James can call him anytime to discuss his contract negotiations as a free agent.

James is a fan and friend of the billionaire investor. Watch Buffett’s comments about James in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! News and the Huffington Post:

James will announce his decision on live television Thursday night, the first day that free agents can sign new contracts that have been verbally agreed on.  In the past week, the basketball great has met with several teams including the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Chicago Bulls, the New York Knicks, the New Jersey Nets, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Miami Heat.

If Buffett does get that call from James, it won’t be the first time the billionaire investor has advised a major sports figure. In 2007, Alex Rodriguez sought Buffett’s counsel while negotiating his contract with the New York Yankees. Reports say that Buffett suggested that A-Rod include a provision to add $30 million to his deal if he passed Barry Bonds as the all-time home run king.

The interview with Buffett was conducted in Sun Valley, Idaho, at the annual Allen & Company conference, a gathering of CEOs and leaders in the media and technology industries. You can see all 12 Buffett clips on Yahoo News' Newsmakers channel.

— Anna Robertson and Erin Green produced the interview for Yahoo! News.