Animal control chief loses job after employee slaughters adopted pig

Liz Goodwin

The director of Bay County Animal Control in Florida, Jim Crosby, was forced to resign this week after an employee killed, butchered, and ate a pig named "Fluffy" that was in the facility's care.

The employee who slaughtered Fluffy, Ivan Rogers, was only given a stern reprimand for his actions, prompting some local officials to speculate that Crosby was asked to resign over the incident because of unrelated interagency conflicts. The Huffington Post has a great roundup of the local coverage here.

At least two people said they wanted to adopt Fluffy after the pig was turned over to the shelter in June when its owners couldn't care for it. That's when Rogers insisted he wanted to "adopt" it. =(

However, Rebecca Laster, the wife of the man who originally surrendered the animal, doesn't think anyone should be cashiered over the slaughter, sounding none too sentimental about her former pet.

"Peoples' lives are being ruined over this pig and that shouldn't be the case," she said. "We don't want any more lives ruined over this stupid pig."

(Photo: Getty Images)