Angle repeats her threat to sue Reid over site

Holly Bailey

Now that Harry Reid has re-posted Sharron Angle's original campaign website, Angle has repeated her threat to sue for, well, something.

As the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent first reported, Angle appeared on a Nevada radio station Wednesday morning to explain why she thinks Reid is breaking the law. “Well, your website is like you. It’s your intellectual property,” the GOP Senate candidate told radio host Heidi Harris. “So they can’t use something that’s yours, intellectual property, unless they pay you for it or get your permission. ... And he didn’t ask for it, and he didn’t pay me for it. I would have sold it to him."

Asked if she’ll pursue it in court, Angle responded in the affirmative. “I don’t think Harry’s above the law,” she said. “He needs to obey the law if you and I need to obey the law."

It's not clear, however, that Angle actually can sue Reid for publishing her own words. Her campaign has hinted it might file a copyright suit, but because Angle is a public figure, making the case that her statements are protected property could be tough.

It doesn't look like there's much in the way of court precedent on an issue like this — though it's hardly the first time a candidate has published a screen grab of another candidate's site. Earlier this year, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist removed from his Senate campaign site a page touting his pro-life views; GOP opponent Marco Rubio published the page on his site.