Ad agency that marketed first lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign also promotes sugary drink

Claudine Zap

The same ad agency promoting Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign is also working on the social media campaign of the super-sized version of the super-sweet drink Capri Sun. Awk-ward.

The fruit juice in a pouch was named by Disney as one of the products it will ban from advertising on its network because it does not meet the minimum requirements for limits on calories, fat and, sugar.

The first lady recently praised Disney at a press conference, calling its move at a "game changer." She noted that kids see $1.6 billion a year worth of food and drink marketing, making parents feel like the "deck is stacked against them." She added, "That's what our entire Let's Move initiative is about. It's about empowering parents."

It's unclear if the first lady was aware that the ad agency, SS+K, has been empowered to roll out a social media campaign for the larger Capri Sun, which has more corn syrup than fruit juice in its listed ingredients.

SS+K, which did not respond to a request for comment, lists its work with the first lady's childhood obesity effort on its website as "helping guide the research" and "shape the initiative." The site adds, "We gave it its name and identity."

In a recent press release to announce the new drink size, Kraft Foods named SS+K as the brains behind the social media operation: "In partnership with social engagement agency SS+K, the online campaign focuses on a video posted to the 'Capri Sun Goes Big' Facebook page. The video features a classic Capri Sun pouch going through an unusual transformation. Left unattended in the fridge, the pouch twists and morphs in stop-motion, becoming something big, intense … and a little bit monstrous."

The video shows a small Capri Sun shape-shifting into a new, 11.2-ounce size. The ad appears to have caught viewers' attention: It's been viewed online over 91,000 times. The Facebook page for the new beverage size has also attracted 84,000 likes and counting.

The social media campaign for the bigger drink is directed at teens, Bridget MacConnell, Kraft's senior manager of corporate affairs, tells Yahoo News. She adds that the Capri Sun Big Pouch, which has 33 grams of sugar and 130 calories, "Is only available for a limited time, is for young teens, 13, 14, and up."

In response to the Disney advertising guidelines (directed at kids 12 and under), MacConnell noted that Kraft also offers Capri Sun 100 percent juice and Super V, beverages that "would appear, at first glance, to qualify under the new guidelines."