$2.5. million Chinese yacht goes straight down on its maiden voyage

Chris Lehmann

If you're going to spend $2.5 million on a yacht, you'd like it to be able to float. Alas, the SS Jiugang wasn't able to meet that basic requirement.
The Chinese vessel made her maiden voyage in the Yellow River. Although "voyage" probably isn't the right word. "Fiasco" is more appropriate, because the boat instantly sank as it was pushed into the water.
The above video of the vessel's inglorious debut found its way to tech blog Gizmodo. It's both heartbreaking and hilarious, watching the excited people push the boat into the river only to see the boat's stern quickly sink into the muddy waters. (Cue Celine Dion, and the sweeping "Titanic" theme, "My Heart Will Go On.")

According to Gizmodo, the accident was caused by "improper handling from the builders who mistakenly estimated the water level causing the water level to exceed the limit." Either way, rescue workers eventually pulled the boat from the water for repairs. No word on what it cost to retrieve the beleaguered vessel. Thankfully, there were no injuries.