Breckin Meyer Dishes on Nude Scenes With Mark-Paul Gosselaar [Exclusive Video]

Maya Salam
Yahoo TV
The Sidebar: Breckin Meyer
Breckin Meyer stops by "The Sidebar" and tells us about his latest TV show, "Franklin and Bash", gives us the scoop on his famous co-stars, and secrets to keeping in shape.

Breckin Meyer has come a long way since playing the lovable stoner with a strong POV about tardiness in "Clueless." These days, Meyer is crazy busy, starring on "Franklin & Bash" alongside Mark-Paul Gosselaar and executive producing TBS's "Men at Work" (a sitcom he created).

Still, despite all these responsibilities, he has to find time to stay in shape. Why? Because he and his studly co-star, Gosselaar, get naked on the TNT dramedy. In fact, it's becoming a theme on the series this year, as host Ben Lyons pointed out when Meyer stopped by Yahoo!'s "The Sidebar" to chat about his endeavors, sans clothing and otherwise.

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So what's it like shedding clothes alongside Gosselaar? "First of all, Mark-Paul is like an athlete," Meyer said. "He races professional athletes on his bicycle and all this stuff. So in the first season, he was naked. He was always kind of the eye candy on the show. And then they said, 'You're moving to Malibu. You're both going to have to be shirtless.'" Meyer's next move: ordering the P90X workout program from a late-night infomercial. And to make matters worse, he and Gosselaar get weekly spray tans! "It is the worst thing in the world," he joked.

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But it's not just Gosselaar who gets close with a scantily clad Meyer. So does their new co-star, the gorgeous Heather Locklear, who plays Meyer's character Jared Franklin's boss. No pressure there! What's it like working with one of Hollywood's iconic beauties? "It's pretty cool. She's pretty great. I didn't know what to expect; I'd never met her before. She's kind of super quiet and fun, mouth like a trucker, but super quiet and fun and enjoyable."

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Fun facts: Meyer was on the Season 2 premiere of "The Wonder Years" back in 1988! "At the time, 'The Wonder Years' was a show that if you were a young actor in that wheelhouse, you hoped to be on it," he said of the stint. Even more awesome, he was Drew Barrymore's first kiss! Clearly, there are perks to growing up in Hollywood.

"Franklin & Bash" airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on TNT.