'Under the Dome' Tweet-cap: You'll Never Guess Who Gets Shot!

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Monday night's installment of "Under the Dome," titled "Speak of the Devil," might have just set the bar as the most action-packed to date, with notable characters getting shot at the beginning and end of the episode. In case you missed everyone freaking out on Twitter last night, here's a tweet-filled recap of fan reactions to this exciting chapter.

After last week's drama, when Barbie and Julia finally talked about the fact that Barbie killed Julia's husband, fans were feeling a bit conflicted about the relationship between the two characters.
This week, after only a few minutes in, Max showed up and shot Julia! It turns out she's still bitter about Barbie shacking up with Julia instead of her. Barbie is able to save Julia's life at the hospital, thankfully.
Meanwhile, a big ol' storm is brewing in Chester's Mill. The cause of the storm seems to be supernatural, as if the Dome itself is trying to communicate with the townspeople or punish them for their actions. While many fans enjoyed the storm scenes, others were less than impressed.
This was a big episode for Big Jim, packed with emotional moments and power plays. As the episode drew to a close, Big Jim shot Max and her bodyguard — and then promptly decided to pin the whole thing on Barbie. While Barbie makes a run for it, Big Jim is ready to turn the entire town against the handsome traveler.
While Big Jim is putting the squeeze on Barbie, Jim's son and the rest of the "seizure club" have a Dome vision. After putting their hands on the outer Dome, they see a vision of Big Jim. Big Jim is covered in blood, and the kids are holding the bloody knives. The kids think the Dome wants them to kill Big Jim. But could Junior really kill his own father?
What did you think of this episode? Will Big Jim survive, or will the kids off him? And what about poor Barbie? Chime in with your predictions in the comments below.

Watch a clip from "Speak of the Devil":

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