YouTubers Attempt New Method of Putting On a Swimming Cap, in Slow Motion

Ralphie Aversa
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Putting on a swimming cap to protect your hair can be no fun. While a new method of accomplishing this by a group of YouTubers does not make the task any easier or efficient, it sure is entertaining to watch.

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy are "The Slo Mo Guys." The English duo, now based in Austin, Texas, will take all type of occurrences and film them at 1,600 frames per second. By shooting more than the typical 25 to 30 frames, Free and Gruchy are able to show things such as a car airbag deploying or paint exploding in super slow motion and with great detail.

For the group's latest video, they tackle the task of putting on a swimming cap. Naturally, Free decides that simply having Gruchy stretch the cap over his hair would be boring. The two are hanging out by a pool, with Gruchy sitting on the pool's ledge. Free fills the cap with water, stands on a chair above Gruchy, and throws the cap down onto Grucy's head as if it's a water balloon. It does not keep Gruchy's hair dry, nor does it work on the first attempt. Three tries later, the cap fits snugly, but crookedly, on Gruchy's head.

Clearly not satisfied, the guys then try a different angle — with Gruchy lying on his back and Free again standing on a chair so he can hold the cap above Gruchy. Gruchy's head is hanging off the pool's ledge, and the scene looks like a precursor to a bad accident. The cap is hurled toward Gruchy's head and ends up in the pool. Save a bit of water in his nose, the crash test dummy escapes relatively unscathed.

"The Slo Mo Guys" published their latest video to YouTube on Tuesday. It has over 260,000 views.