YouTuber Has Drive-Thru Workers Confused with Name-Calling Prank

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Have you ever thought someone said your name, but you weren’t entirely sure? You’re not positive that you actually heard something so you think twice about mentioning it out loud. After all, someone might pass judgment and think you’re crazy.

These are clearly some of the thoughts going through people’s minds in the latest prank video from YouTube user Rahat. The magician has racked up almost three million subscribers with his drive-thru stunts and other optical illusions. Rahat’s latest piece is well on it’s way to millions of views; quickly gaining a half million hits since yesterday.

The video is called, “Drive Thru Hearing Names Prank.” First, Rahat’s friend Trey drives up to the window and orders food. It’s key that Trey grabs the receipt, which has the attendant’s name printed on it. He then passes that information on to Rahat. The restaurant worker’s name is recorded in to an iPhone. When Rahat pulls up to the window, he plays the recording through a Bluetooth speaker hidden in his car.

Unsuspecting drive-thru workers hear their name and have a hard time believing Rahat is behind it. First, they’ve never met him, let alone given him their name. Second, Rahat’s normal speaking voice sounds much different that the recording. Third, the YouTuber isn’t moving his mouth when the sound plays.

“Did somebody just say Ashley?” a worker with that name asks after hearing the recording. “It screamed Ashley.”

The restaurant employee repeats herself because Rahat acts as if he has no idea what she’s talking about.

“What happened to Ashley?” he responds. Then after he receives his change, Rahat asks, “Oh, did you call my name?”

“You heard your name too?” Ashley says, before turning to her co-worker. “Yo! He heard his name too!”

It’s almost too easy for Rahat, whose most popular videos have come via the drive-thru window. His “Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank” has over 38 million views.