YouTube Prankster Asks Women Out Using Their Own Advice

Ralphie Aversa
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YouTube Prankster Asks Women Out Using Their Own Advice

Norwegian YouTube prankster Freddy Fairhair, nee Fred Andreas Ligaard, operates under the assumption that women love to give relationship advice in a new video where he puts their tips to the test.

The rub is that Fairhair takes the advice the women give him and uses it on those same women to ask them out.

"Excuse me? Um, there's a girl I saw over there who I thought was cute, but I'm not sure what to say to her," he asks two unassuming women on the beach.

"Please tell me your boyfriend treats you right. You're gorgeous," is the line one of the ladies offers back to Fairhair.

So he returns later, in a slightly different look, to inquire if their boyfriends treat them right and to compliment their looks.

One of the women buries her face in her towel; her friend asks if he knows the guy who had just come up to them asking for advice.

At least the advice worked. She ends up giving Fairhair her number.

But not all of the tips work out. A couple of women realize that something is strange about being approached with the same lines that they gave out just moments earlier. Another woman who catches on to the prank finds it so funny that she offers up her number anyway.

Using food (coffee, ice cream), compliments ("You're really cute."), and the always-suspect "Don't I know you?" are other viable options, according to the women in the video.

Fairhair's latest video has been viewed more than 144,000 times since it was published to YouTube on Tuesday. Sure, it is not as popular as his September 2013 prank with 2.6 million views, but at least this time he kept his clothes on.