Young Girl Has Hilarious Reaction to Finding Out She's Getting a New Brother

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A new video that shows a family's reaction to the news that a baby boy is on the way is hilarious. However, the reaction of the brother when he is old enough to realize what happened might end up being funnier.

YouTube user Rafaeli_i uploaded the 40-second clip yesterday. In it, a couple and their daughter are in their car in the parking lot of a Macy's store. The father holds a folded sheet of paper stating the sex of their unborn child. After building a little anticipation in the car, the father unfolds the sheet. They're going to have a boy.



"And a girl?" the daughter asks eagerly.

"It's a boy!" the mother responds.

"And a girl?" the daughter asks again, insistent.

The father is covering his mouth with his hand in disbelief that they are going to have a son. The daughter is having none of it.

"I want a sister!" she yells.

Her mother counters that she is getting a brother. That elicits a scream from the girl and laughter from her parents. Then the recording stops.

The video has more than 86,000 views, and commenters are recalling their own sibling rivalries.

"I felt the same way.... and when he arrived I asked everyone who came to see him if they'd like to take him home with them," Laura Thompson wrote. "We're cool now though, 26 years later."

On Reddit, a user recounts a similar story.

"This reminds me of my older brother, only two years older he would always ask my mom to return me to the hospital every time my parents drove by it," Redditor Catszup posted.

Congratulations, and best of luck, to the new parents.