Is This the ‘Worst News Graphic of All Time?’

Henry Baker
Is This the ‘Worst News Graphic of All Time?’

Whether it is a cool "breaking news" graphic or perhaps Wolf Blitzer talking about federal goats, a cool graphic can draw an audience in and keep it there. Or, you can do what "3 News" in New Zealand did, and make what is being mocked, or perhaps congratulated, as the worst news graphic ever.

The story concerned Bruno, a bull-mastiff mix, who has a tire phobia due to having been hit by a car as a puppy. Bruno wound up attacking, and destroying, the tires of not one but three government vehicles that had approached his house. The story being told was undercut a bit by "3 News'" decision to use a custom, animated graphic that can best be described as a still image of Bruno wildly shaking over the drawing of a few police cars.

But don't despair — while Bruno was taken into custody by authorities and originally put in a shelter, he has since been transported to a luxury doggie hotel to receive some treatment until his owners can build a proper enclosure for him. Hopefully Bruno can be sent home soon, and maybe "3 News" can make a new graphic for his homecoming.

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