World Cup’s “Truffle Shuffle” Kid Goes Viral, Another Netflix Fallout, and Carmaheaven

Adriana Diaz
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Japan's nail-biting Women's World Cup victory against the U.S. was a first for Japan and a first for Twitter. More than 7,000 tweets were sent per second at the end of the game, breaking the previous record for most tweets sent of 6,939 tweets per second on New Year's Eve 2010 in Japan. (I guess the Japanese are big tweeters!) And later that day, the Copa American quarterfinal between Paraguay and Brazil became the second-most tweeted event behind the World Cup, with 7,166 tweets per second. The World Cup final also produced two of the weekend's most popular images. The first was of a boy in the stands celebrating the U.S.'s first goal by pulling up his shirt, landing him on thousands of Tumblr blogs. Tweeterss called him the "truffle shuffle kid." If you don't remember, that's the dance the character Chunk did in the 1985 movie "The Goonies." The other image that swirled around the Web this weekend? A White House Flickr photo of the first family watching the World Cup final, nachos and all. The pic got more than 125,000 views in less than 12 hours.

Last week we told you about the outrage that spread through social media when the movie website Netflix announced a 60 percent price increase. After the site's streaming service went down this weekend, Netflix customers are up in arms again. On Facebook, the company said, "For those of you having difficulty streaming tonight, our apologies - we're aware of the issue and working to fix it as quickly as possible." By this morning, the post got around 4,500 comments and nearly 3,000 people gave it a "like" thumbs-up (something tells me they're being sarcastic). In the comments section one person wrote, "Your having a problem? I wouldn't know since I canceled last week." But not everyone was kicking Netflix while it's down. One person wrote, "Still the best deal in town. I will stay....maybe at a lower membership level (streaming only) still beats cable." In the spirit of healthy competition, Blockbuster was sure to capitalize on Netflix's streaming woes by tweeting, "Dear Netflix, we're offering special prices & 30-day trials of Blockbuster Total Access to your members #helloBlockbuster."

And finally, this weekend's much feared Carmageddon was re-named Carmaheaven! When 11 miles of L.A.'s heavily trafficked 405 Freeway closed for construction, most people feared the worst. One driver somehow got on the 405 and posted an eerie video of the empty freeway on YouTube. As for those who didn't drive, many said that they enjoyed the break from traffic. (One tweeter suggested L.A. should shut down the 405 once a month!) Some Los Angelenos even left their cars in the garage and jumped on their bikes. An L.A. cycling group named Wolfpack Hustle took on a plane to see which mode of transport reigns king. The bikers raced two bloggers who were taking a JetBlue flight from Burbank to Long Beach. The trip started when the bikers hit the road and the plane riders left for the airport. Participants live-tweeted their journey using the hashtag #flightvsbikes. So who do you think came in first? Believe it or not, the bikers zipped past the airliner! They made the 40-mile trip in an hour and a half, arriving an hour before the 10-minute flight even took off!

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