Wonderlic Test, Marbury v. Madison, Texas Tornadoes: What’s Spiking (Wednesday)

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Intelligence matters in this year's NFL draft pick. A 200-year-old Supreme Court case  is back in the spotlight, and Mother Nature deals a heavy blow to the state of Texas. Catch up on today's biggest searches across the Web.


  • Wonderlic Test: The intelligence test known as the Wonderlic Test (which the NFL administers to prospects at its Scouting Combine) is in the spotlight after LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, a likely top-five pick in this month's NFL draft, scored a 4 out of 50.
  • Marbury v. Madison: The 1803 case was the first time the Supreme Court declared an act of Congress unconstitutional. References to the case have risen since President Obama made comments Monday warning that an overturn of the Affordable Care Act would be an "unprecedented, extraordinary step." Related searches: supreme court justices
  • Texas Tornadoes: Tuesday's tornadoes in Texas caused damage to about 650 homes. No fatalities were reported, however, 15 people were treated at local hospitals and there were two auto accidents. There are severe storm warnings today for parts of the Southern Plains, Western Ozarks, and the Lower Mississippi Valley. Related searches: dallas tornado 2012


  • Crane Collapse: One worker was killed and three others were injured Tuesday night when a 170-foot crane collapsed at a midtown construction site for an MTA train expansion project in New York City. Related searches: crane accident
  • Neslisah Sultan: The twice-exiled former Ottoman princess Neslisah Osmanoglu has died. At 91, she was the oldest surviving member of the dynasty.


  • GOP Primaries: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. primaries Tuesday. Obama's re-election campaign launched TV ads in six fall battleground states attacking Romney alone. Rick Santorum is showing no signs of making an exit. Related searches: republican delegate count, wisconsin election results, wisconsin primary 2012, wisconsin primary vote totals
  • GOP Budget Plan: House budget members are battling it out over the GOP budget plan crafted by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). President Obama blasted the "radical" plan yesterday saying it would create a form of "social Darwinism" and is a "prescription for decline." He also said the Republican Party has shifted so far to the right that even Ronald Reagan would be unelectable today. Mitt Romney has enthusiastically backed the budget plan.
  • Nikki Haley: Republican South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was on "Fox & Friends" this morning where she called Obama a "bully" and stated she has a hard time seeing him win in November. She got some heat Tuesday for her remarks on "The View," claiming that "women don't care about contraception." Haley supports the GOP budget plan and is currently being investigated for tax fraud.



  • Ryan Seacrest: TV host and radio personality Ryan Seacrest announced today that he will be joining NBC to help cover the Summer Olympics in London. Related searches: ryan seacrest girlfriend
  • Levi Johnston: Bristol Palin's ex-beau is going to be a dad again. His girlfriend of a year and a half, preschool teacher Sunny Oglesby, is pregnant.
  • Jenna Talackova: Officials for the Miss Universe pageant in Canada (owned by Donald Trump) have reversed their decision to disqualify 23-year-old Vancouver resident and transgender beauty contestant Jenna Talackova, and are now allowing her to compete. Reportedly, the overwhelming media attention and threats of a lawsuit by Talackova's lawyer, high-profile attorney Gloria Allred, prompted the decision. Related searches: pageant, talackova
  • Tom Cruise: The actor will receive the Friars Club's Entertainment Icon Award, the fourth actor to receive the honor. 
  • Jaleel White: The actor, best known for his role as Urkel on "Family Matters," performed a rumba with dance partner Kym Johnson on Monday's "Dancing With The Stars." There were rumors that the two had a big fight before the show and wouldn't be performing, but White claims the story was "completely exaggerated."


  • Seattle Seahawks Uniforms: The NFL unveiled its new Nike-designed uniforms yesterday. While most of the design changes were subtle, the Seattle Seahawks uniforms got a complete overhaul. Related searches: jets uniforms, new nfl uniforms 2012, chicago bears uniforms
  • Baylor Women's Basketball: Baylor University won the NCAA Women's Tournament title in Tuesday's game against Notre Dame.
  • Shabazz Muhammad: The National Player of the Year scored a game-high 21 points in the 35th McDonald's All-American Game featuring 24 of the nation's best hig- school players.

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