Woman Sends Husband’s Ashes on Oceanic Adventure in Bottle

Mia Fitzharris

What better way to celebrate the life of an adventurous, globetrotting loved one who's passed on than to let them travel the world … by bottle! That's exactly what Beverly Smith did with the ashes of her late husband, Gordon, in March of 2012, and the S.S. "Skinny" Smith has since made its way up and down Florida's Atlantic coast, traveling a total of 80 miles, So far, it's been found on shore by not one, but two different people, both of whom phoned Beverly to give her an update on Gordon's touching journey before sending him back into the ocean for his next trip.

A man named Ross was the first to find the bottle at Mile Marker 79 in Islamorada, Florida. Ross phoned Beverly, and then set Gordon's ashes and a new letter back out into the ocean. Next, Judi Sidney discovered the bottle while cleaning up litter in front of her Key Colony Beach hotel in Florida, Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel. She too rang a delighted Beverly to let her know where Gordon was. Judi posted a picture of the discovered bottle on the Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel's Facebook page, where it has been shared more than 120,000 times. Judi then got Gordon a newer, larger rum bottle home, wrote another letter, and added one more dollar to the bottle and sent it back out into the Atlantic. We will have to wait and see where Gordon ends up next!

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