Woman Scales Castle Wall to Avoid Paying Entry Fee and Blackberry Owners Vent On Twitter

Adriana Diaz

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Stunned tourists in Zhonghau, China, gawked at a woman impressively scaling a 70-foot castle wall (spidy-style). Believe it or not, her motive was to avoid paying the castle's $4 entry fee. Ma Jei, 48, effortlessly scrambled up the walls of the castle without any safety equipment! You have to see these pictures. An onlooker said she "ran up the wall like a goat" and "made it look easy." But when others tried to follow suit, two people broke their legs and three others needed to be rescued by the police. It turns out that Jei grew up in the area and has been climbing the wall since childhood. (She has never paid the entry fee.) People across the Web are amazed. She's gained the nickname "spiderwoman" on Twitter. @TweetsByGraham tweeted, "This chick is cool in my book. Talk about sticking it to the man!" But others admit they probably would have just paid the four bucks.

Things aren't pretty for BlackBerry right now. After its global service outage continued for a third straight day, leaving millions without email on their phones, "Dear Blackberry" is trending on Twitter. That's because more than 31,000 people have sent Dear John-style tweets about contemplating breaking up with BlackBerry. @jessicahyatt980 wrote, "Dear my once beloved blackberry, I'm thinking of breaking up with you. This is the LAST straw." One person even staged a phone funeral for the BlackBerry. Celebrities like @PerezHilton joined in, too, tweeting, "What did one BlackBerry user say to the other BlackBerry user???? Nothing!" This trending topic is not a good omen. Just three months ago, when the movie site Netflix announced it was raising prices, "Dear Netflix" also trended on Twitter. Netflix stock has since plunged 63 percent. But not everyone hates BlackBerry's outage. Bravo TV host Andy Cohen tweeted, "I LOVED today's blackberry outage!" With the hashtag #peaceandquiet. How have you faired sans BlackBerry? Tell us on Facebook.com/TrendingNow and on Twitter @YahooTrending!