Woman Posts Time-Lapse of Husband’s Art, It Becomes a Hit

Sarah Bernard
November 9, 2012

Creating a work of art can be a long, painstaking process, but a time-lapse camera can help quicken the pace when you're showing people how a drawing came together. In a time-lapse video that Kiki Kim posted to Reddit, her artist husband, Tim, uses a $2 Uni-ball pen to draw a beautiful, detailed scene of woman and a child taking a stroll in a forest in only four minutes.

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Kim posted the video with the headline, "A time-lapse video of my husband's art. I might be biased but I think it's really amazing." The Reddit community seems to agree. One user said, "Love it. He and I are cut from the same cloth! What a beautiful illustration!" A user called Robotocism even said, "Not gonna lie, I usually skip through time-lapse videos of people drawing, but I watched this one start to finish."

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What sort of creative endeavor would you like to see on time-lapse video? My suggestion: Banksy at work! If you have one of those, post it on Facebook.com/TrendingNow, and follow Trending Now on Twitter: @YahooTrending.