Woman Has Epic Freakout in Apple Store

Mia Fitzharris
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Woman Has Epic Freakout in Apple Store

Failing athletes, unsuspecting news anchors, disgraced politicians -- all seem to be susceptible to highly publicized meltdowns. But thanks to the ease of mobile video recording, regular joes can now share the spotlight with public figures.

Or at least these two women can.

First up is a woman who walks in to the Apple Store at the Grove, in Los Angeles. You might think the lady flipping out on camera is a celebrity and the person filming isn't a public figure. It's the opposite; actress Porscha Coleman caught this person screaming at the top of her lungs because ... I mean, unless this Apple Store employee harmed her or a loved one, does it matter?

Coleman is clearly on Team Apple for this particular situation, saying the woman, in the description of her Vine post, should "cool it." According to the actress, the lady did not have an appointment with the store. Of course, AppleCare told her she could walk into the store and get what she needed ... but if you're like me, you've watched this 30 times in a row, so you already knew that.

The part that gets me every time is the end. She concentrates so much on yelling at this poor employee that she completely loses her train of thought.

Our second video for today is nonstop action for nearly four minutes, and the first two minutes and fifty seconds are NSFW, thanks to explicit language. This video was recorded without the subject's knowledge, but James and Whitney Mongiat were not in a public place; they were driving. They definitely weren't headed for the lake house, nor were they stopping for cigarettes. Whitney throws a fit because Jim won't do either and handles other errands instead, such as rotating his tires.

James says in the video's description that he never promised a trip to the lake, as he was burned out from working a 60-hour week and had a lot of other tasks to accomplish that day. He has since obtained a restraining order and filed for divorce. He notes that he knew the marriage was over when Whitney defriended him on Facebook. It's probably for the better; at least now he won't have to see the horrible things she's saying about him on his news feed.