Wisconsin Man Gives 6 Insane Tips on What to do When It's Cold Outside

Some people only like the cold when it’s convenient for them and conducive to great landscapes and fun outdoor activities. That is not the case for Henry Reich. He loves winter, seemingly regardless of its incarnation, and is showing the world in a new YouTube clip.

Reich uploaded a video called, “What To Do When It's Really Cold Outside.” He filmed the clip when it was 17 degrees below zero in Hayward, Wis. During the three-minute film Reich is seen shoveling snow with a broom, listening to the snow crunch as he steps on it, and skiing down a path.

But the video is climbing over 120,000 views because of a couple of other activities that are showcased. Towards the beginning of the video, Reich hops in to a lake wearing only shoes, gloves, and a bathing suit. He clarifies that it is in fact a hole in the ice, not a hot tub. Reich also is seen blowing bubbles and tossing boiling water in to the air, watching it evaporate as it hits the cold.

On Twitter, Reich revealed to us how he prepared for his dip in the cold water.

“I took a 190°F sauna before jumping in the lake,” he said. “That's why the water was so refreshing.”

Reich notes that the water in the lake won’t go below 32 degrees and is often kept warmer through the insulation provided by the snow. He also told us that he did not get sick filming the piece, as he does almost all of the activities regularly, besides blowing bubbles.

Color us surprised, and cold.