Wine Enthusiast Gives Honest Reviews of Cheap Beers

Ralphie Aversa
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Wine Enthusiast Gives Honest Reviews of Cheap Beers

Reviews are plentiful when it comes to expensive wines and craft beers. But for the most part, if you’re looking to navigate the vast land of cheap beers, you’re on your own. The thought process is probably that if you’re into cheap beer, you probably are not concerned with anything other than its price point or alcohol content.

Now, thanks to Buzzfeed Yellow, you don’t have to navigate through the array of frat party-friendly beverages by yourself. The YouTube channel enlisted the help of a wine expert to taste and rate a selection of the most popular cheap, regional beers. Whitney Adams owns Bottle Stock in Los Angeles and finds Steel Reserve to be the best cheap beer tasted. It scored a perfect five out of five stars.

“Very consistent flavor,” she noted. “A little elegant… delicate, nothing is out of place.”

The brewery is based in Irwindale, Calif. and cans have been priced as cheap as a dollar. Other high-scoring beers included Milwaukee’s Schlitz (4 stars) and Shiner, Tx.’s Shiner Bock (3.5).

Adams gave her worst rating to Natural Light. The beer affectionately referred to as “Natty Light” by partygoers everywhere received 1.5 stars. The wine critic used the adjectives funky, yeasty, and Mountain Dew-like in her description of the brew’s taste, smell, and look.

The video hits the Internet as cities like Tampa Bay, Sacramento, and New York celebrate Beer Week, honoring local breweries. It all seems to be in good fun though. Adams cracked a few jokes at her own expense about giving Steel Reserve 5 stars on Twitter. She also revealed that while it didn’t make the cut, Pennsylvania’s Yuengling Lager only received a star.

Uploaded yesterday, the critique currently has over 90,000 views.